Sneak Peek! The STYLE STUDIO

Img 1542

We're burning the midnight oil at the Royal Festival Hall this evening and all of our venues are really taking shape! Tonight it was really great to see the Style Studio after the sun set over the Southbank. You'll find our version of Studio 54 along the promenade and out onto the sweeping balcony on level 5 with absolutely breathtaking views over London. Here you can dance to the glamorous disco beat underneath a cluster of shimmering silver mirror balls.

Img 1533

Then enjoy a cocktail or two underneath a festoon of giant colour pop balloons. If all that dancing and drinking leaves you a little dishevelled then you can freshen up for *free* at our 70s hair and make-up pod just outside the Style Studio and start all over again!

I can't wait to see the set dressing of the Style Studio continue tomorrow...

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