Sergio Mendes at the Vintage Festival

Picture the last rays of hazy July sunshine setting over the first day at the Vintage Festival and we've lined up the undisputed master of pop-inflected Brazilian jazz to bring the day to a glorious conclusion. Sergio Mendes, just one of the musical legends performing at Vintage this year, is bringing his perfect blend of bossa nova, latin jazz and funk to headline The New Moderno night on the main stage and we cannot wait!

Mendes is the most internationally successful Brazilian artist of all time. From the mid '60s to the late ‘70s, Mendes established his legend by taking numerous albums and singles, such as “Brasil 66,” “Mas Que Nada,” and “The Look of Love,” to the top of the pop charts. His music is so representative of his native Brazil, in fact, that his first major hit “Mas Que Nada,” is synonymous with the country itself throughout the world. Mas Que Nada was originally written and performed by Jorge Ben in 1960 but went on to become the signature song of Mendes. It means 'Oh Come On' and is surely one of the most recognisable tunes of all time and it's exotic listening experience is like sunlight coming out of the speakers.

Not just enjoyed by mainstream music lovers though, Sergio's sounds have been lapped up by many different musical communities throughout the years. Latin music was loved by soul fans and Brazilian jazz influenced tracks like 'Mas Que Nada' were often played at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester which became famous for being the birth place of what became known as Northern Soul. It was also popular at the Blue Note where they also played Fool On The Hill and The Look Of Love. The 90s lounge music revival brought retrospection and respect to Mendes' music, particularly the classic Brasil '66 albums. Whilst many DJs have sampled his tracks including 90s hit Give It Up by the Goodmen. Most famously, in 2006 The Black Eyed Peas re-recorded Mas Que Nada with additional vocals from Sergio and his wife.

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Mendes' music is simply addictive to listen to and we cannot wait to see the master perform live at Vintage. Our throats will be sore and our eyes misty but it'll all be wrapped up with a lovely optimistic kick. What a moment to cherish forever!

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