Salon de Ooh La-La at London Fashion Weekend

Oou La La完成全文

The all-new vintage hair and make-up Salon de Ooh La-La has been created exclusively for Vintage at Vodafone London Fashion Weekend by Japanese creative director Tomoko Kinoshita. 


A team of London's brightest young stylists are on hand to transform you into a trio of fun and glamorous vintage looks. The hair and make-up makeover will take 30 minutes and cost just £20. Pre-book via their Facebook page and receive an Elizabeth Arden goody bag!


Choose.... A 1950s Hollywood starlet look! You can have a rockin' quiff, a slick ponytail with curly ends or a pretty swell up-do. For the make-up go classic cherry red lips, black eyeliner flicks with a beauty spot as a finishing touch or go seriously hollywood with thicker eyebrows, eye liner and a soft lip colour. Flick through the Salon de Ooh La-La's 1950s vintage tearsheets for inspiration, click here.


Choose... A 1960s Chelsea Girl Look! Hair will have a smooth, well polished and shiny surface in a selection of styles: big 60s hair; beehive or a half-up-half-down stylee. Make-Up will be all about the eyes with paler lips and cheeks. Flick through the Salon de Ooh La-La's 1960s vintage tearsheets for inspiration, click here.

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Choose... A 1970s Glossy Glam Look! Hair will have big curls, polka straight or Farah Fawcett flicks. Make-up is full on disco dancing with glitter and bright colours. Flick through the Salon de Ooh La-La's 1970s vintage tearsheets for inspiration, click here.

Decisions, decisions.

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