Q&A with Judy Berger

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Judy Berger is the founder of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair which tours 17 UK cities and hosts over 50 events a year.  She is also the curator of our Vintage Marketplace which is Europe's largest vintage fair with over 200 traders.

We caught up with Judy on Twitter for an #AskVintage session...

Hi. Is it difficult to maintain a vintage look, to find clothes and complements?

If you're worried then start small, maybe a dress or one piece of jewellery and build on it

And do you prefer keeping vintage furniture in its original state or making some changes?

If it's in great condition then it's lovely to keep in its original state

What would you recommend as some staple vintage pieces for me to transition into vintage clothing, bit daunted by it all!

What dress size are you Polly? And how tall?

90s Fashion 5

What is really vintage? I saw that 90's are already vintage. So, is everything older than ten years? Thanks.:)

We say 15 - 25 is retro and older than 25 is vintage. So 90s now falls into that bracket

Do you think vintage is getting more and more trendy? Why do people want to have an old times look?

It's always been there, it became more mainstream and now current trends reflect vintage looks.

Do the 2010s have their own style? If yes, would it be vintage in 10-20 years?

Most trends would refer back to the 60s-90s. Eg:, sports lux was an 80s trend modernised / simplified

Do you think that perhaps there isn't a distinct style that can define a decade anymore?

We like to borrow trends from previous decades and make them our own

What can we expect from the @Vintage_2012 marketplace this year? What calibre of vintage goods?

Expect a wealth of decades, tastes and styles. fashion, furniture, accessories with items from £1 to £1000

What will make @Vintage_2012 marketplace different?

We hand-pick the traders who have extensive knowledge of the items they sell

How do you choose traders for @Vintage_2012 Marketplace? What standard of sellers do you accept?

From absolute beginners to seasoned sellers. We like to mix it up and to support new and creative talent

Hi Judy, how much money should i bring to the@Vintage_2012 for Vintage finds? YIKES!

Bring what you can afford, though if like us you 'have to have it' bring more!

What's been your best vintage find?

A small Gucci navy leather bag from 1972 - in perfect condition for £40!

How do you source the vintage and how do you decide what to carry?

Our traders source from all over the world and their selection usually depends on their personal taste.

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What's your personal favourite era?

Used to be 50s, now its 60s - I'm fickle + mad men fanatic!

With you on that one... Beehives are the way to go :o)

What you save on shampoo you spend on hairspray!

What era have you seen take off this year?

It has to be the 90s - Mr Hemingway even declared it vintage!

You must see so many great things. Are you poor? How do you stop yourself from buying every time?

I am poor and I hoard - my mum’s house, friends offices, even my car. I buy everything I don't need - fact!

Who is your go-to vintage trader for accessories?

For jewellery http://www.victoriavintage.co.uk she has a huge stall at this year’s festival.

Mary Katrantzou Fall 2009 Ready To Wear

What in your opinion should we be buying now as future vintage...

Best of British - mary katrantzou, McQueen, Westwood, scour markets for young designers - support British please!

Considering purchasing a vintage black persian lamb coat. I'm unsure of what sort of boots to pair with it.

What length is the coat?

It hits me right at the knee

I'd say a lace up ankle boots - a high boot would be too much - all that leather and fur! or wear a kitten heel – elegant!

I went to your Kilo Sale once and it was pretty spectacular. When is the next one in London?

This Saturday at The Rag Factory East London

1940's Dress Shoes

Who would you go to buy footwear at Vintage Festival Marketplace?

Ann Taylor Vintage has everything from Ossie Clarke to amazing footwear from the 40s - 70s. We'll be sending out a full stall plan so you can pick out who you want to visit.

How do you feel about mixing different styles from different eras?

This is my favourite way to wear it - mix it up - be bold - show your own style!

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