Get the Look! 1920s Make Up

Get The Look Make Up

Non-surgical cosmetic enhancement was considered absolutely essential by ladies in the twenties. The aftermath of World War One saw a monumental loss of male lives and women were encouraged to take particular care of their appearance to secure...

Get the Look! 1940s Fragrance

Get The Look Fragrance

Scientists claim that attraction is based on pheromones. What odour we give off surreptitiously makes us alluring or repugnant to others and therein lays the purpose of fragrance manufacture.

Worth, Perfume, French, Advert, 1948, BeautyWorth, French, Perfume, Advert, 1947, Beauty, Colour

Before the days of sanitation and regular bathing,...

Get the Look! 1940s Make Up

Get The Look Make Up

It seems that since the dawn of time, women have been compelled to take an interest in their appearance with the view that enhancing what was donated by Mother Nature will help you attract a suitable partner. Apart from the years during and...

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