Thinking Of You! By Wayne Hemingway

I don't know if any of you went to the soul do at King Georges Hall on Saturday? It was brill, 1500 people and most with happy smiling faces. I did a couple of DJ spots. In the Northern Soul room I was on just before the DJ who influence my love for Northern Soul , Richard Searling (who was the DJ at Angel’s in Burnley on that Wednesday night almost 30 years ago when Gerardine and I met on the dance floor) .

Later in the evening I played a long set in the Jazz Funk room. What struck me was how “open” and diverse both crowds were. In the Northern room I took a few risks and played Esther Phillips 'What a Difference A Day Makes' and went to the other end of the spectrum by playing one of my favourite “slowies” Bobby Reed’s 'The Time is Right for Love'. In my Jazz Funk set I played Shalamar’s 'Take That To The Bank', next to Joe Bataan’s ''Latin Strut' and seeing B Boys and Jazz Dancers doing their amazing moves adjacent to folk who were just out for a Saturday night disco boogie was brill.

Another DJ who has had such an influence on my taste and thousands of others, Colin Curtis, followed me in the Jazz Funk room and was amazing. The way he drops the sound and everyone sings along to Sister Sledge 'Thinking of You' ( and the things you do to me ) is spine tingling

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Bobby Reed Bobby Reed - 'The Time Is Right For Love'

Esther Phillips Esther Phillips 'What a Difference A Day Makes'

Joe Bataan Joe Bataan 'Latin Strut'

Shalamar Shalama 'Take That To The Bank'

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