The Vinyl Factory

So Vintage HQ were 'browsing' through Design Week as you do... and spotted this 'On The Record'

The Vinyl Factory have created a collectors edition of vinyl box sets from the likes of legendary film maker David Lynch, as well as music artists, Damon Albarn, the Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Ferry and Grace Jones to name a few. They are now opening a Pop-Up store at St Martin's Lane Hotel, in London on March now you can get all physical with the collection.

The Vinyl Factory was established in 2003 when they brought EMI's vinyl pressing plant in Hayes. The plant now presses over 50% of the UK's vinyl. They also own gallery spaces in central London, FACT magazine and the record shop Phonica. We love the entrepreneurial spirit!

The Vinyl Factory will be in the Pop-Up space for the next three months, so try to check it out

Duran Duran

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