North South Divide Darts

A pub split just like the UK; right through its midriff.

Northerners donned their flat caps and hob nails (but left their ferrets at home), Southerners came in their standard Pearly King and Pearly Queen garb (and practiced their Dick van Dyke chim chimney heel click) and got ready to take part in the highly competitive fun and games.


The North/South Divide Public house is a pit stop for outrageous fun, sing-a-longs and unashamed dancing. We even encourage rivalry amongst your fellow vintage-goers. Let us fill you in. Like a mini festival squeezed into your local, passing through its swing doors with fashionable quiz’s, cabaret performances and roll-out-the barrel songs around the piano to name but a few. Come night fall, launch yourself into our poptastic/rave classic/80s hip hop soundtrack.


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